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Springbank CV

Rubber tires, smoke, and peat

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20th Oct 2013


Springbank CV
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When I was in Chicago a while back I picked up the Springbank Trio of CV’s. Basically, this was three bottles of 200mL each of Springbank CV, Longrow CV, and Hazleburn CV. Here is my impression of the Springbank

Nose: Soot mixed with barley and corn. There is malt here with some peat, but it is the burnt smell that dominates. It kind of reminds me of my grandfather’s animal feed bin . . . but with some smoke. Now I am getting mahogany and sweet brown sugar. Extremely different from my last nosing.

Taste: Salt and sweet, mixed with oak, peat and tire.

Finish: Kind of watery finish then a k-pow from the failing embers of a peat fire. Like one of the big 3 Islay South shore monsters, but with a very subdued punch. The salt seems to last for ages. It has this interesting start to the finish where you think it will fizzle. Then all of the sudden an explosion of smoke . . . that isn’t quite as big as I was hoping for. Still, it is nice smoke and peat with a hint of rubber tire. At the tail end there is a little bit bubblegum?

Balance, Complexity: Have to give it points for complexity, but not as much for balance. It just has all of these random things happening from nowhere.

Aesthetic experience: Pale straw: lighter then the Hazelburn. I love the whole Cambletown thing that Springbank does. I really want to like Springbank. Just wish I liked what was in the bottle a bit more.

Conclusion: I won’t be re-buying this bottle. I have gone through a few bottles of Springbank 10yo. My next bottle will hopefully be a Cask Strength Springbank . . . see if that is more my speed.

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