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Stagg Jr. Bourbon

Powerful but not elegant

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mReview by @masterj

25th Nov 2013


Stagg Jr. Bourbon
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So I snagged a bottle of this when it barely came out only to watch it take a battering by the critics. Defiant as I am, I though, "What do those old hacks know anyways." Well those old hacks seems to make much sense now that I've tried this Bourbon.

Nose: There is nothing more annoying on a whisky than too much alcohol wafting up from the glass and there is too much here. So instead of waiting I cut it down with some water. I got hints of cotton candy, rum raisins, rum wood, pepper mint, and vanilla.

Taste: I get the cotton candy, pepper mint, and the vanilla. Wow....the spice is ridiculous and insufferable!! Even with water this is really hot!!!! Like scalding hot water. Very harsh. I can't get much flavor out of it with this kind of brute force power on display.

Finish: Harsh alcohol, dry, cotton candy.

I'm all for power in controlled measures but this Bourbon is out of control. I let my gf have a sip of this and she was left teary eyed and gasping for air. I myself needed a touch of courage and some water to finish this one. Try this and attempt to keep a straight face.

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