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Star Man Whisky

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RianC started a discussion

I was just thinking about an Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) short story where a Scottish 'lad' is kidnapped by aliens and ends up getting them addicted to smoking! I can't honestly remember if whisky was involved at all but it got me thinking: what if you could use some alien tech to ... Ahem ... acquire some casks of whisky that would be otherwise unattainable. Where would you go? What would you pick? Would you feel guilty? ;)

In short: select six fantasy casks that your alien mates will then obtain and share with you! Just from Scotland? Up to you but additional travel could mean more probing than you might otherwise feel comfortable with.

Assuming I can have a wee taste and judge the expected quality is there prior to any beaming up, I'd go with ...

First would be a 30 ish year old Springbank from a refill bourbon barrel.

Then a 40 - 50 year old ex-sherry Mortlach.

And, while I'm there, a 30 - 40 Mortlach from a refill bourbon cask.

A Talisker, 25+ that has been in a first fill oloroso butt.

A 40 ish Macallan, again from an ex oloroso butt.

Last, a trip to Islay has to happen. I think an older, 30 - 40 Ardbeg from a refill ex bourbon cask should do nicely.

A kitsch take on 'pick your six dream drams' but why not?

"Look out your window, I can see his light If we can sparkle he may land tonight Don't tell your poppa or he'll get us locked up in fright"

about one month ago

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Nozinan replied

Starman whisky?

about one month ago 0

RianC replied

@Nozinan - I remember watching that in a hotel in York whilst on a primary school weekend trip. I was sent to bed early though as I was caught in the girls' dormitory sweat_smile so never saw the snd!

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