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ppelletier started a discussion


I just joined your community. I've been drinking scotch whisky since a couple of months now. I would need your advice on a good Bourbon now. I thought of the Elijah Craig 12 years old or Maker's 46.

What do you think?

11 years ago

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lostboyscout replied

The two I keep on hand are Knob Creek 9 year and Booker's. Both are very good in my opinion. The Knob Creek makes great Old Fashioned's.

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From my research, I think my next choice of bourbon will end up being a Maker's Mark 46. I currently have only had Knob Creek 9 Year and it is awesome. I highly recommend it.

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WhiskyBee replied

@ppelletier, Elijah Craig 12 and Maker's 46 are both excellent choices. Maker's 46 is a little too floral for me, but that's a quality many like in bourbon.

I also agree with @lostboyscout and @HughesDePayens on Knob Creek. Other good starters include Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare.

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PMessinger replied

@ppelletier First welcome second you have chosen a great place to share your whisky journey. I would recommend Fourty Creek, EJ12, BT, Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10yr. These are all good in my non-expert whisky enthusiasts view. Hope this was helpful. :)

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Wills replied

@ppelletier Hi and welcome to connosr!

Don't want to be a weisenheimer (does this word even exist? :D) but we already had this topic veeeery often. So if you need more information, you will find it here: connosr.com/search/category/…

Have fun exploring!

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Maltmark replied

I enjoy four roses small batch and single barrel. Hancocks presidents reserve is excellent as well however the antique collection from buffalo trace is unbeatable. They are in a league of their own. I haven't tried van winkle yet, but I hear the 15 is amazing. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend because there are different levels at different price points.

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ppelletier replied

@Maltmark I've heard a lot of good about Four roses, but not available in Quebec, Canada. Buffalo Trace seams to also be a good choice. I'm just confuse as I now have to many choices.

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ppelletier replied

I finally went for the Knob Creek 9. I'll keep you posted of my appreciation.

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paddockjudge replied

@ppelletier - Eagle Rare 10 ans Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750 ml 49$ SAQ code: 10747781 - currently not available, but definitely worth the wait.

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GotOak91 replied

@ppelletier I recommend Elijah Craig 12: Full of flavors, 12 years old and if you live in the states I got mine for under $30.

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Russ replied

Elijah Craig is a great first bottle of bourbon. It's reasonably priced, and well balanced.

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Frank1 replied

Maybe not a starter, but Fighting Cock 6 year old is a great value at the SAQ.

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Nolinske replied

Knob creek 9 is a good traditional place to start, but if u want to go a little sweeter I would try bulleit. If a little more heat is to your taste I would try eagle rare single barrel 10yo which is still surprisingly affordable for being a single barrel product.

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Rigmorole replied

Bulleit 95 Rye, Angel's Envy Port Barrel

The Bulleit is one of the best deals out there for the money. Buffalo Trace is also quite good for the money. Batches can vary, however.

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Rigmorole replied

Since they are both inexpensive, I would try the Bulleit 95 and the Elijah Craig. The Bulleit is more medicinal and not as sweet. In my opinion, many bourbons have a sickly sweet flavor. However, the Bulleit is much more one dimensional that the Elijah Craig, which is deep decadent, sweet, and not very botanical.

Bulleit has a white pepper lemony chile pepper thing going on with just the right amount of heat on the tongue and a touch of sweet honey/vanilla, whereas the Elijah Craig has vanilla, toffee, and a nose to die for if you like sweetness.

The two form a nice contrast to each other. One nice thing about the Bulleit is that it is not very sweet with high notes and a long long finish. The Elijah Craig is deep, dark, sweet, and delicious. If you're going to buy just one, perhaps the EC is the best choice. Personally, I'd go for both even though the Bulleit is more two dimensional. Angel's Envy is more expensive, but it's quite good and very sweet and decadent.

There is a more expensive 18 YO Elijah Craig but it's not the best choice for a newbie. It's more controlled kind of like the "Islay" of bourbons, and not all in a good way. Too much wood is not a good thing. I don't think the EJ 18 has wheat in it. If it did, like the Pappy Van Winkles, then it could take more age, I think.

I've always been primarily a single malt scotch guy, but I"ve been experimenting with bourbons over the past few years. Bourbons are generally cheaper, younger, and women like them more, so it's nice to sip them with my girlfriend, who doesn't really like a lot of scotches. She's been experimenting with mixing rye bourbons and the Fentimen's product line. Here it is: www.fentimans.com/botanical_brewing#

Good luck!!!

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Bourbondork replied

@ppelletier What kind of Scotch do you like? Depending on the style, certain bourbons may appeal more than others. If you like Highland/Speyside, then you may like Makers Mark or Old Weller Antique. If you like cask or Islay, then something bigger like Four Roses Single Barrel or Bookers may be more in line.

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FrancoisP replied

Hi! First post here, but I've been lurking for a while now!

I am also starting in the world of Bourbon. Having recently moved to the states, I can now enjoy the amazing selection (and good prices!) that you can get closer to the source.

To get me started on Bourbon, I'd like to try a comparison of the different styles of Bourbon. I had in mind something like this: 1 wheat bourbon 1 rye bourbon 1 rye whisky

I've heard some good things of the Weller for the wheat bourbon and Rittenhouse for the rye, but I don't know what to select for the bourbon.

What would be your suggestions?

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SquidgyAsh replied

@ppelletier Knob Creek 9 is my favorite entry level bourbon, with the Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare Single Barrel coming in close. And from what I understand in the US and Canada prices are very reasonable. However all of these suggestions have been said and it looks like you've grabbed the Knob Creek. Let us know what you think!!

@FrancoisP The William L Weller is BRILLIANT, complex and beautiful. At this time it's hands down my favorite wheated bourbon. The Rittenhouse and the Sazerac rye whiskies are both very nice, although if money isn't too big an issue and you want a massive complex whisky, the Thomas H Handy is pretty much the cadillac of rye whiskies. It's actually one of two whiskies (the Stagg being the other) that I used with my brother in law to convince him that there were whiskies out there that were completely worth over $200 AUS.

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Pudge72 replied

@FrancoisP...Weller is a very well regarded wheat bourbon, but be careful when doing research for Weller bottles as there are several, similarly named, options...

  • The William Larue Weller is the Cadillac of wheat bourbons, and is part of the annual Buffalo Trace Antique Collection...A bottle of this cask strength beast typically lists for $70-$100 depending on the state, if you can find it.

  • The WL Weller 12 yo is the extra aged, standard issue bottling (45% abv), usually available for $25 - 30 ($45 in Ontario!...at least its actually available up here).

  • The Old Weller Special Reserve is the NAS (also 45% abv) version of the WL Weller 12, seemingly available for $20 or less.

  • In between these two bottles at around $23 - $25 is the Old Weller Antique 107, which is the OWSR at a higher abv of 53.5%. This bottle is actually in my cabinet, and is a worthy addition (and flat out great value). Enjoy the lower priced paradise that is US bourbon!

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PeatyZealot replied

Dont forget Wild Turkey, its gooood!

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Pudge72 replied

@FrancoisP...as a further follow up (and to actually answer your original question about bourbon in particular), a bottle I would strongly recommend as a high quality but very "accessible" bourbon for a newer drinker would be Evan Williams Single Barrel. This should run around the $30 mark, but I feel that it gives a very true representation of the core rye-based bourbon profile. At 43%, it shouldn't scare off someone new to bourbon, like a Booker's or George T. Stagg (both easily over 60% abv) might.

For both you and 'ppelletier' in "La belle province" (my wife and I honeymooned in Quebec City and Montreal and absolutely loved both cities!!), I would also echo the many recommendations for Knob Creek. I have really enjoyed it as a casual sipping bourbon (neat) when I have seen it available at restaurants. Enjoy the bourbon journey!!

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