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Stones and booze tonight!

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Jonathan started a discussion

I'm going to see the Stones tonight. Probably bringing a small container with Laphroaig QC to add sugar on top of the lips that will be on every shirt. Wife is a but stressed: she's from a SE Asian country (Singapore) where stadium shows are rare, 'cept for Guns and Roses and Kenny G. I'll be going with a walker, so I'll be in worse physical shape than Mick, who runs 12 mile each performance. I'm psyched. And thinking of strategies to destress my better half. (She ain't gonna ruin this for me!)

4 months ago

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Jonathan replied

To bring it back to whisky:the Stones are ugly and beautiful, like Laphroaig (tho I'm not sure that's what the Laphroaig founders intended...)

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Jonathan replied

The show was magic. The booze didn't happen. I accidentally put the Fino Cairdeas in a Laphroaig 10 tube. My wife planned on driving home (and she did, a huge milestone for her: she only has a learner's permit). Once I saw that I had the Cairdeas and not the 10 in the car, I decided to nix the idea of drinking from that bottle at a mini-tailgate because 1)the high proof is not conducive to that kind of pre-show drinking and 2)my wife and old friend couldn't tell Laphroaig from foot cheese. It's also becoming a rare bottle. A 15$ beer at the stadium it was, and a bottle of water for 6$ (on a hot day), with no water fountains to be found. I'd do it all again.

If you live in a state where the Stones are still playing on this tour and have even a mild interest, go! Buy from Stubhub if necessary. They were rejuvenated, had a deep-reaching setlist, and Mick was at his best. No booze needed---in fact, better without it.. They played a song they haven't played since '69 ("Mercy, Mercy) at the tribute to Brian Jones in Hyde Park.. And, by fan request, they played a song that is kind of a whisky anthem (aren't they all?):"Rocks Off." Maybe Bruichladdich can replace the old Rocks bottle with Rocks OFF, pay the Stones a few bucks, and paint the bottle black (like the PC10, which I am enjoying immensely at the moment.).

As for disability services, RedSkins stadium was great before the show.. After the show not so great: no wheel chairs, our walkers and crutches were not allowed in the building, and the elevator was broken. Thirty or so people were waiting for golf cars to get to their cars. I asked a couple of people if they would have left early if they could have avoided the hassle.. I received a unanimous "No!"

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