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Stranahan's Colorado

A most pleasant surprise

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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

26th Mar 2017


Stranahan's Colorado
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Nose: sweet, fruity, with the warm suggestion of freshly-baked desserts. Also fresh-cut wood and slight woodsmoke. Floral notes deeper in the glass. Enticing.

Taste: full-flavoured yet with a smooth, laid-back body. Slightly sour fruitiness is joined by toasted oak and a massive surge of malty sweetness. Almost cloying, but not quite...A floral/vegetal note in the mix as well. Very complex! Not the most well-balanced whisky I've tasted, but immensely enjoyable.

Finish: long, lingering, with sour citrus fruit, like overripe orange.

Balance: for a three-year-old whisky, the balance far exceeds my expectations. Easily the most mature-tasting young malt I've tried. Aside from slight tartness, which I adjusted to after my first glass, there is nothing "off" about this bottling. Even at 94 proof it is easy-drinking yet it doesn't skimp on flavour or aroma. A most satisfying collision between single malt and bourbon styles, and a new favourite. Highly recommended!

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Robert99 commented

@Megawatt I don't know if Stranahan has changed over the years but I suggest you try the Glendronach Virgin Oak if you can find it. I think you would like it.

To come bach to this bottle, did you get some banana? If not, give it some air and I would be surprise if it doesn't exhale some sweet banana aroma. My bottle took air very nicely, you may want to wait for time to do its magic although I suspect you would loose some floral notes.

7 years ago 0