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Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old

Nose/Palate-good, Finish.. aaaargh!

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@lan2424Review by @lan2424

22nd Jun 2011


Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year Old
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What started out as a nice date with a pleasant friend, soon dwindled & became disheartening! The nose actually started floral and turned slightly sweet & citrusy w/alcohol lingering; nice way to set the pace, Nippon friend. The palate started slightly oily, non-descript, slight anise & spice, pleasant once again, a nice date w/ a girl that you feel won't embarrass you (but nothing special either). Then you wait for the casual conversation & kiss on the finish of the dram... and what starts as average ends up with a long, lingering burnt tobacco, really a cigarette taste, from an old filter, that has been passed around by a dozen hippies who never brush their teeth (and I speak from experience back in '77). The tobacco doesn't hit you for about 1-2 minutes into the finish... and then it gets stronger... definitely ashtray. Another taste on the palate temporarily hides the finish, but then it returns again, blooming even! There is no hiding this one. I tried my best to appreciate the uniqueness, but frankly, I can't. To those of you who disagree... I respect you. This is one whisky that I feel has VERY limited appeal with even less to appreciate.

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cclward commented

I was planning to pick up a bottle of this on a trip to Florida, Having second thoughts now.


12 years ago 0

Peatpete commented

I have to admit to some suprise at this review. Maybe you got a bad bottle? I was introduced to this at a SMWS dinner, where it was the introductory blind whisky of the evening. Out of 40 or so people in attendance I did not hear a single bad comment about the Yamazaki, and it has remained one of my favourites.

12 years ago 0

cclward commented

I am going to purchase just for curiosity sake and report back. Where I live in Canada , Japanese whisky is not available. I have heard such great things. Just got to try.

12 years ago 0

CaptinTom commented

I too am a little surprised at the low score, however, I’ve had a couple of bottles of this and there definitely was a difference between them. The first, purchased at Gatwick duty free, was a true wonder that enthused me to go straight out and buy a second, which, if I’m honest was a little bit of a let down. Different batch, different year who knows. So maybe @Ian2424 just got unlucky. But I would definitely give it another go.

@Piero I’ve had a bottle of the Yamazaki puncheon and the Miyagikyou 12 year old sitting in my cupboard gathering dust for some time now. I hadn’t been able to choose which to open first, and was waiting for some inspiration. I think you may have just swung it.

12 years ago 0

lan2424 commented

To @cclward, @Piero, and @Peatpete... I'll grab another bottle sometime in the future... after the initial perceptions wear off. I sat with the Zaki another couple times, wondering if my palate was 'off' the first time... sorry, still the same. It's all in the finish, otherwise, I have no problem with the dram. Thx for the comments and direction to other reviews. David

12 years ago 0

marcus007 commented

The few times I tried this one, I was very impressed. I liked the delicate high notes and an almost floral 1st taste. I do not remember a harsh finish. I'm motivated to buy a bottle figure it out more.

12 years ago 0