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Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old

Delicate yet Powerful

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@AlanjpReview by @Alanjp

28th Aug 2010


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I’ve already established in my previous two reviews that I am a big fan of the Japanese single malts, and this review will be no different I’m afraid! This is my third Yamazaki malt to try (and finish a bottle of), and although it’s the oldest, it isn’t my favourite. I do hold it in very high regard.

It’s smooth, as seems to be the recurring factor with these malts, but has the stronger kick that you won’t get from sampling a younger age. It’s as if there’s a certain power behind the whisky as you take it down, but a subtle kind of power, it makes sense to me anyway! It’s pricey compared to the other ages, (it cost me around £70 for the bottle), but there is no denying that this whisky is well worth the asking price. The taste is truly superb, you can almost feel the years of aging as it glides down with ease, and it has a delicate smell that again seems to be prevalent through Japanese malts.

When you speak about quality high end whiskies, the obvious choices are Scottish and Irish malts. However with the spectacular taste and feel of this whisky, and the Japanese market in general, it’s clear to see why they are becoming some of the most sought-after malts around.

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