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Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old

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@conorrobReview by @conorrob

23rd May 2019


Suntory Yamazaki 18 Year Old
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Can be ordered from the bar in the Yamazaki distillery as a 3 dram ‘old’ platter for around £13 for the three. The other two were hibiki 21 and hakushu 18 which i will also be reviewing from notes.

Nose Butter, cinnamon, apples, vanilla, apple pie and custard, almond, Palate Apple, butter, coats the tongue with oil, banana, vanilla, light and beautiful, the alcohol is perfect, pear and honeydew melon Finish Butter, buttercream, apple, cinnamon and a touch of wood spice- long and tongue numbing

Wow .. just wow

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RianC commented

Sounds like you had an amazing time with some amazing whisky!? And £13 for a pour of those three . . wow!

It's a real shame Japanese whisky has gone the way it has - I've only had Hibiki 12 and Nikka WFTB but really enjoyed both and would like to try more of the single malts. I'll start saving for a plane ticket now then smile

edit - Just remembered actually, I saw a bottle of this in a little boutique spirits shop in St Ives last year, which surprised me. The tag of £250+ didn't though!

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conorrob commented

@RianC honestly one of the best whiskey experiences of my life ... even though the tour was one of the worst and their distillery store was empty. Also tried a couple from their Essence of Suntory range which I think were around £6 a pop (though I had maybe had a little too much whisky to write any kind of notes on those) and wow.

I know, but when you are there you can understand. They don’t have access to almost anything Yamazaki other than the NAS. Nikka WftB is great and reasonably priced and hibiki is always a treat. Even Japanese harmony and Chita are great whiskeys that can still be got at a half affordable price (the Chita in particular I would recommend)

£250 is an amazing price for Yama 18 !!! Go back and get it !!! The 12 runs for £120 where we are and the 18 is more like £600-700 (if you can find it!!)

Also I don’t say it specifically here I don’t think but this is one of the best whiskey’s I have ever tasted. Nom

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