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Talisker 2000 Distillers Edition


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@PeatyZealotReview by @PeatyZealot

6th Jan 2015


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So far, the few Distillers editions from Diadeo that I tried weren't bad at all. I already like Talisker a lot so I figured this just couldn't go wrong. Got this in a 20cl bottle for €15,-

Nose: a very full nose. Its like walking into a medieval hospital. Dark old wood, cellar musk, leatherpolish, Iodine, bandaid, Incence, tobacco smoke, smouldering coals, burnt sugars. With water some dark fruit like blackcurrant and brambles and creamy marzipan with dark chocolate. Quite a luscious nose.

Palate: clean and quick arrival with immediately the medicinal iodine, big wet peatsmoke, dates, roasted nuts, big black pepper, cloves and winterspiced cake. Very clear, distinguishable flavors, not muddy at all.

Finish: long with some sweet dark fruit, bitter chocolate, dry oak and some salmiak/liquorice.

In a blind test I could have mistaken it for a Lagavulin 16 or even a Laphroaig px. Its really medicinal and heavy on the dark wood/dry sherry/tobacco notes. The Amoroso casks must have been very active. I've never tasted the iodine so up front in a whisky not from Islay. There is no spring or summer in here, this is a winter companion and if you like westcoast Scotch with the sherry/peat combination this is a safe buy.

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PeatyZealot commented

Hey Robert, it has a more clean and distinguished mouthfeel than it has Uigeadail like boldness. At 45,8% I think a bit more gentle than the Laga 16, but I didnt try them side by side so Im not sure. All the boldness comes from the big nose, big aromas and the impressive finish, which is not always a bad thing:)

7 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

Nice review. I agree that it's a wintery whisky. I had a bottle in 2011 and I have very clear memories of taking a few drams that winter in good company, next to a blazing wood fire. Perfect.

I should really get a bottle again. Whenever I'm considering a bottle purchase these days, the Talisker DE is always on my idea list but it's always just edged out by something else—usually something more intense.

7 years ago 0

Benancio commented

@PeatyZealot. Very nice review, thank you. I tried the DE along with the Storm, just last night. I really enjoyed the Talisker DE. The upfront iodine is similar to Caol ila. The DE is a very well balanced single Malt, it has a little of everything in a nice balance, like a Highland Park 18y. I know there have been Talisker DE over the years. This is the first DE I've tried. I plan on purchasing two bottles, one to drink and one to collect. I know I'm going to regret I didn't buy more. I think the Talisker DE is better than the current Lagavulin 16y.

I found the Talisker Storm to be hot and a little harsh. I could taste the young whiskey. I'm sure that's where the heat is from. IMHO Talisker Storm is over priced young whiskey.

7 years ago 1Who liked this?

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