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Talisker Skye

First but not last

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10th Nov 2015


Talisker Skye
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First Talisker and gone for the NAS Skye to open, I wanted to try something with a little more peat/smoke hence the baby step over to Islands before Islay.

On fresh opening there is a lovely sweet aroma with very light smoke and bit of salt air, not bad but was expecting a bit more.

The first sip changes the playing field the arrival is first sweet then a wave of peppery heat coats the tongue as the heat fades it is replaced by a stronger smoke than was suggested on the nose, underlying the smokiness is the flavours of a good deli bar, salted and smoked meat on the finish with the smoke staying for a while at the end.

I like the overall profile and will be trying the 10 soon, I bought this on offer then 2 days later saw the 10 for same price so got that as well. The only downside I could see is E150 added, I don't care what it looks like as long as it tastes good.

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talexander commented

I liked this one as well - didn't have the oomph of the 10 year old but still good enough to be a worthwhile daily dram.

8 years ago 0

maltmate302 commented

I also like Talisker Skye. It's not quite as good as the 10 but I find the criticism of this whisky to be unwarranted.It's not a bad daily dram by any means!

8 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

Got a bottle of the 10 tucked away just don't seem to get round with everything else I buy. Had a couple of drams at 2 different bars both had more weight to them than the Skye but still would not turn this down.

I promise myself every month not to buy anything then find the wallet open again and something in the bunker, already finding it hard to drink more than I buy and only been doing this for 18 months.

8 years ago 0