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Talisker Storm

A food friendly Talisker

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@sengjcReview by @sengjc

17th Jun 2013


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I tried this new(ish) release at the Whisky Live 2013 Melbourne and was quite impressed. Decided to get a bottle the day after.

Glass: Glencairn

Just poured: Nose: Taking a whiff freshly poured from a fresh bottle and I detect rubber, medicine cabinet, the sea, not overpowering but like the tide, it ebbs and flows. Left in the glass and the rubber recedes but we start seeing garlic notes (?) developing. Take a deeper breath and you can jus make out a bit of the malty sweetness.

Palate: Salty with just a hint of honeycomb crunch. Not very intense as you would expect from a Talisker but it is gentle. Rather closed, really with just some spearmint and the slightest citrus at the back palate. Glides down rather well and just mildly spicy.

Finish: Rather short and not very lively. A mineral like austerity. I can just make out the following notes in the fade: barley sweetness, coconuts, a hint of smoke and brine. Warming.

Adding some water to see if it helps improves the dram. Not really, the nose dulls but there is noticeable improvement on the palate: more malty sweetness to the fore a little soy-sauce, miso soup...(I am waiting for dinner to be ready, LOL).

Not what I recall from Whisky Live 2013 but it is ok. I reckon this would be a very good food-friendly dram or if you just want a casual everyday drink without feeling overwhelmed.

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Jonathan commented

How would you rate the Storm in comparison to the 10?

10 years ago 0

sengjc commented

Just tasted the 10 Year Old. I think I prefer the 10.

10 years ago 0

FMichael commented

Just purchased the Storm yesterday...

Found the nose to be a bit more malty (also hints of banana nut bread) than the 10 yr...Def more peppery/spicey on the palate than the 10 yr - however it's the brine on the finish that reminds me that this is indeed part of the Talisker family...

IMHO - the Storm is a really good single malt...With that said - I still prefer the 10 yr, and when you consider the price (paid roughly $12 for the Storm) - it's hard for me to pass up the 10 yr for a no age statement single malt such as the Storm.

9 years ago 0

FMichael commented

edit for clarification...Paid roughly $12 more for the Storm than the 10 yr.

9 years ago 0

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