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@jwiseReview by @jwise

23rd Jan 2011


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I picked up a 50ml sample bottle of Tamdhu (no age statement) at a local shop, having never heard of this whisky before. At the time, I had no knowledge of the distillery, or what kind of flavor profile it had. I have since learned it is a Speyside distillery, and is known as the only distillery to malt its own barley on premise, and it is the main component in Famous Grouse (which is a good thing, as I rather enjoy "The Bird" for casual drinking.)

The distillery only bottles one single malt expression, and it has no age statement. It is bottled at 40%.

Nose: Soft honey and vanilla, with herbal and floral notes on top of a malty base. A little grainy, and grassy. Not that great.

Body: A tad watery.

Palate: A bit bitter, with lots of malt and barley.

Finish: Short finish, drying, with a decent sherry influence coming out. A bit of pepper.

This really isn't a great dram. In fact, it really isn't even good. The finish is probably the best part, but it isn't much to speak of. All in all, this is an average dram that I will not be looking for in the shops. If offered a glass, I would gladly accept it.

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plattvillepeat commented

I purchased a bottle of Tamdhu this past month in Sandwich, IL with the label "Aged 10 Years". The label background was black with white outlined amber lettering "Tamdhu" The bottle code indicating it was bottled from a run at 13:48 on 27th Oct. 2011. My first impression of this dram was soft and bland, but worth the $24 I paid.

impression was soft and bland, but that


9 years ago 0

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