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Teachers Highland Cream

The Easiest Girl in High School!

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@JoneszReview by @Jonesz

28th Oct 2012


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Nose: Some smoke, a new leather jacket and Tobacco

Taste: Toffee, burnt orange peel and a slight smokey background. A bit oily with some pepper

Finish: Stays with you for awhile. I am feeling the ardmore content and love it. Similar in many ways to Highland Park 12 (hope that's not blasphemy)

Balance: A little on the harsh side but a few drops of water seems to smooth this blend a lot. Just don't go overboard on the water as too much kills it.

My earliest memory of Scotch Whisky was 1956 and my Great Uncle for whom I was named drank Teachers Highland Cream. I am sure that was a completely different Teachers to the 2011 version but it was on sale at the Liquor commission in Manitoba so I decided to give it a try. This is also my first attempt at a tasting review. It has taken me 2 bottles over the past 2 weeks to get to this point. I dearly wanted to dislike this inexpensive blend ($25. CDN for a 750 ml bottle) but I fell in love with it much as one falls for the easiest girl in high school. You don't want your cool friends to know but you can't resist her! I am finding that it is now my daily go to and it has allowed me to keep some of the "better single malts" in my cabinet. Try her you might also be enamoured.

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