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Teachers Highland Cream

Schooling No One

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7th Mar 2013


Teachers Highland Cream
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Nose: A little cheap imitation vanilla, a little ocean air, Ardmore malt.

Palate: Sweet nothings; Ardmore and Nilla wafers; a hint of peat.

Finish: Not as long as many people report; a little peat, cheap vanilla, and weak floral overtures.

This dram is better than many Irish whiskies. I would rather drink it than, say, Jameson or even entry level Bushmills. Still, for me, that's not saying much. I bought a glass in a bar tonight, sipped it for a few minutes and then gave it away to someone who could better appreciate it (who'd just finished drinking Bushmills and reported she liked the Teacher's better, as a matter of fact).

I know that many reviewers speak optimistically and perhaps nostalgically about Teachers. For me, if Teachers were the best whisky in a bar, I would choose wine or beer, or just have a soda. It's not worth my time unless I really like the company I'm keeping and can ignore the scotch in lieu of a worthwhile distraction.

Tonight, after I gave away my glass of Teachers, I ordered a glass of Suntory Yamazaki 12 and watched the rest of the band's set. Good country music that filled the bar with pleasant vibes. I haven't seen so many beautiful young women sans hipster "cooler than thou" body language in a bar in a long while. It was refreshing, as was the single malt scotch in my glass.

"It's Suntory time. . . ."

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Rigmorole commented

This rating for teachers is a blended scotch whisky mark, and not a single malt mark. My recent rating of Astar is a single malt mark.

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

The best blended scotch whisky that I've tasted is Campbeltown Loch 21. Teachers is a pale shadow of that, but it is in the same category.

11 years ago 0

Gold commented

I agree completely. My brain does. But Teachers was my intro to whisky in 1977. So if it had been a brooding monster I might never had tried more. And much poorer in spirit would I have been.

11 years ago 0