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Teeling 6 Year Old 2015 Red Wine Distillery Exclusive

Happily Married

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

20th Mar 2022


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It has to be said: Teeling has put itself on the map in an unprecedented way. They have not even been in existence for ten years, but are known all over the world. If you ask people in the street to name an Irish whiskey, more than half will say Teeling. Amazing. And as every distillery is wont to do, after a visit to Teeling you can of course also hand-fill a bottle on the spot as a souvenir. This is one of those, a single pot still that matured on a former red wine cask. That’s quite a sturdy ABV too.

Teeling's DNA is present, but needs to offer a lot of room for the red wine here. It's not a punishment, because I get strawberries, rhubarb, pineapple and cloves. The balance is fine. Very pleasant nose.

It is very powerful at the start. So much so that I even have to gasp for breath. But again a very nice balance between on the one hand the sweet and sour, mainly red fruit and on the other hand the granular notes of the single pot still spirit. The spices make my mouth completely warm. But water is not necessary as far as I'm concerned. In fact, it is dangerously smooth for such a powerhouse.

Only in the finish, which is and remains long and spicy, do you feel the wine cask effectively in the form of soft drying tannin and something of leather.

A very beautiful Teeling that proves again that spirit and red wine cask can in fact be quite happily married.

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