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Teeling Single Grain

Very Attractive Single Grain

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1st Jan 2017


Teeling Single Grain
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Third and final part of my trinity pack of 5cl Teeling bottles. Rumoured to be aged for 5 years with a mash bill said to be 95% corn, 5% barley.

Colour is clear golden, oily in the glass.

Nose is a surprise and a delight. Fruity, grape, lemon, toffee, lots of vanilla, buttery, baked apple pie crust, pepper and spice, but with some crisp clear lines and vinous notes. It's mainly creamy vanilla, berry fruit and toffee.

Taste is creamy, vanilla, creme caramel, hints of lemon rind, grape, lots of vanilla oak wood.

This is really really nice.

Mouthfeel is slight oiliness and dry.

Finish is lots of vanilla oak, little dry, light spice, light pepper, creme caramel, custard, toffee, slight lemon.

Second time I've been really surprised by a single grain, the last being Nikka Coffey Grain.

When I tried the Teeling Single Malt I was pondering buying a bottle, but no pondering with this one. Will pick up a bottle tomorrow. A fascinating counterpoint to my bourbon whiskies, this Irish corn whisky.

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MuddyFunster commented

So I bought a bottle. Nose isn't quite as great as the sample, maybe needs to breathe, little more corn in the nose, but still love this, particularly on the taste.

7 years ago 0

Victor commented

@MuddyFunster, I want to sample Teeling Single Grain without a finish. What I've had with Cabernet Sauvignon finish has been wonderful, but I don't have a sense as to what it would taste like naked.

7 years ago 0