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The Deveron 12 Year Old

Average score from 3 reviews and 3 ratings 82

The Deveron 12 Year Old

Product details

  • Brand: Glen Deveron
  • Bottler: Distillery Bottling
  • ABV: 40.0%
  • Age: 12 year old

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The Deveron 12 Year Old

The Deveron line of whisky were created as part of a re-vamped single malts portfolio of Bacardi (Dewar's) as part of a larger umbrella, including Royal Brackla, Aberfeldy, Craigellachie & Aultmore they dubbed "The last great malts of Scotland"...I am working hard not to make light of this ostentatious title. If you don't know these whiskys well it is because most of them we're locked in Cinderella like servitude to their master's blends.

Either way I quite like the packaging the green frosted glass bottles inject just enough of a retro dosage and the simple yet colorful label keep it vibrant and modern. It is designed by firm Stranger & Stranger who also handle all Compass box products.

as to the contents

Nose: Juicy fruit gum, fresh cut apples, peaches and cream oatmeal, and almost sulfurous, phenolic side. Fresh buttercups, light green tea and something I can't put my finger on, aloe?? Then the scent finally hits me, skin lotion! It's not bad, almost waxy in a way.

What a pleasant fresh and fun nose, I wasn't expecting this at all.

Palate: It has a bit of bite when it first hits your tongue but then it's quickly gone. Dry oak, old papers, definitely a kind mineral edge, it's a bit like the Craigellachie 13 I tried the week prior. It shifts to vanilla pudding, still a bit if fruits but much less than present than on the nose, a bit of candied lemon peel as well.

Finish: There's not much to talk about, it quickly loses steam, leaving a whisp of oak, lemon and barley.

The Blab: I think this whisky has great character, the nose in particular was fresh and yet wasn't trying to play it easy, there was a pleasant tension there.

Sadly the palate is where things go poorly, it begins with things of interest but then loses momentum. Sure not everything should be served cask strength but this whisky really loses out by being cut to 40% ABV, maybe it's teeth are too sharp when this is dialed up but I think it's more of a cost/ target audience choice since the whole line-up is dished out at the same strength.

I had a hard time scoring this

Let's say a B-/C

I tried this at the Last Great Malts of Scotland show in 2016. They gave us a minute to nose and taste. It was remarkably forgettable. The cube of smoked salmon that they paired with it was much tastier...

Thanks for the review @cricklewood. I've seen this on offer in supermarkets here but had a hunch it would be pretty much as you describe. As you say though, this isn't really bottled for nerds like us relaxed


There is no Deveron distillery, but we do know the Macduff Distillery as the maker of this malt, which also happens to be at the heart of many blends, most notably the world famous William Lawson’s. In 2015 the single malt was put in completely new livery and is now called simply The Deveron. There is a 10, 12 and 18 year old. I have to say, the fumed glass bottle looks quite nice. I like it. Here’s to hoping the liquid is also good.

From the first whiff, it is clear that this is a lightweight. Some apples and pears, some honey, freshly cut grass, hay, vanilla and after a few moments some lost dades. All in all a fresh and summery nose, but far from complex.

The body is more than ok. This is not flat at all. Next to the aromas of the nose, which are transformed into taste, the whole is upholstered with some nuts and a slight bitterness appears as if from tea that has been overdone.

The finish is very short and the bitterness expands. That’s a pity. A surprisingly salty edge makes up for that, though.

Well, this is a very straightforward dram. A bottle is only 30 EUR, that’s the good news. Simple summer dram.

At that price point you are better off with the Aultmore 12, Glen Garioch 12, Glenfarclas 12, Craigallechie 13, Glenmo Original, Glendronach 12 Original and many more. Life's too short to waste time and money on crap whisky.

@BlueNote Agreed! That's why I'd avoid all of those. Drink less and better works for me.


Smooth silty sweet fruit loaded arrival, steady slow mouth coating middle, flows into a dry crisp white fruit loaded soft fast finish.

This Deveron 12 yr old is a lot like the old Singleton that I enjoyed. I recommend this wonderful non complex solid single malt. This is a great whisky that is well within the practical range for budget minded scotch enthusiast, not cheap just good value. This is a $40 dollar whisky in a $40 dollar bottle, well worth trying.

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