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The Lost Distillery Company Gerston

A blast from the past!

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@Robert99Review by @Robert99

22nd Aug 2015


The Lost Distillery Company Gerston
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  • Brand: The Lost Distillery Company
  • ABV: 46%

How does a distillery can make a whisky from the 19th century? Simple, you take the same barley, the same peat and the same kind of still! For the Gerston, it means you take some Concerto barley, some Loch Calder peat and small stills to get a smuggle whisky style! So what about the result?

On the nose, I have white grapes, chocolate, smoke, something between prune and plum and spices like from a new make of rye. There is also quite some salt and an highpitch ginger with an herbal note. The smoke is getting lighter with air while the nose is going on the Clynelish side.

At first the palate surprise you by it sweetness, then all the flavors from the nose fly in front of you to give place to apricot followed by a more prominent orange and an even bigger bitter orange peel. Finally there is some citrus and a light nail polish sugar (acetonic).

The medium finish keeps the orange and bring back the salt, like a young Clynelish, and some evanescent smoke with the acetonic sugar.

This bottle has been opened for about two months. It used to be way more smoky. With the smoke, there was a chocolaty peat with liquorice. The herbal notes also used to be more brinny, a bit like Bruichladdich. There was also some calcareous water. All of this fade a lot or disappeared. On the other hand the white grapes, the orange and the orange peel really came forward. It seems also more spicy. It was probably at its best a month ago; unfortunately, I was not drinkink it at that time, so, I will never know. The important part is that I prefer it to a great number of single malt of the same price range.


Pierre_W commented

Many thanks for this review, @Robert99, good stuff! Now that you mentioned that the nose tended to go towards Clynelish I am tempted to revisit this blend to see whether I would come up with the same finding but, alas, my bottle is long gone. I am a big Clynelish fan, so it would have been interesting to look into this. Finally, I completely agree with your statement that you'd prefer this to a number of similarly priced single malts. In my opinion this is The Lost Distillery Company's best creation so far, really well done.

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Robert99 commented

I changed my rating because I find some acetone on the nose, the palate and the finish, not that much but it is not as appealing as it was.

8 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

I'll take "acetone" as a clear warning. I've never really liked any whiskies that give that impression.

And good timing on your update, too, Robert. I think I'd missed your review the first time around, and I'm now seeing the Gerston on sale at a Chicago-area Binny's for $50. I was considering it, but now I think I'll pass. (What will I get instead, you might be wondering—especially in light of your preference for this over many single malts? Probably a couple IBs on clearance: a 7 YO CS Caol Ila and an 11 YO sherry-casked Bunnahabhain.)

8 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Oljas I am glad my update was helpful to you. I need to say that you should not discard the Gerston if you intend to drink it in less than 30 days. I like to give air to my whiskies and, from time to time, some don't react well to it. On the other hand that IB's Caol Ila is very tempting. Caol Ila is not a whisky easy to find in Quebec so I may be bias.

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