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Tobermory 15 Year Old

Balanced but complex

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TReview by @Tandem

1st Jan 2013


Tobermory 15 Year Old
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Apparently this 15yo bottling by Tobermory is a fairly new addition to their range, since it has not been mentioned too often yet in books / articles. I can't remember really why I ended up buying this bottle, but it turned out to be one of my best buys.

The nose is clearly sherried, but not overly so. It also combines sweet dried fruits: raisins, figs and plums to a faint peaty aroma. You can tell by the nose already, that this'll be something nice.

The body is fairly heavy and almost chewy,very nice indeed. The palate continues with the sherried fruit cake and you can also start picking up the oaky dryness. It has some spicyness also, but not strongly tingling pepper like Talisker for example, but more gentle spices.

In the finish this Tobermory shows it island character the most, in my opinion. The spices continue from the palate, but quickly faint giving way to dry maritime flavors of seaweed, salt and gentle peat.

All in all, I can highly recommend this dram. My first encounter with Tobermory and I'm immediately impressed.

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Rigmorole commented

Tried this the other day at the Highland Stillhouse due to this recommendation. The glass cost $23. It sure was good, but was overpowered by the sherry. Still, it was one of the better scotches I've tasted in a while. It changed mercurially with time in the glass. Before it changed permanently and stabilized, the most wonderful flash would hit my palate in the finish. It wasn't there at the start or the end of the whisky's time in my glass (about 25 minutes) but it did emerge after about 15 minutes with no shortage of magic. Great suggestion, even though the sherry felt like a granny's drink at first before it burned off a bit and was subsumed with other delectable flavors.

11 years ago 0

UisgeJon commented

Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City, OR?

11 years ago 0

Tandem commented

I have to agree, the sherry here is really dominant but quite to my liking. For some reason I've been very keen on these heavily sherried drams lately. I have a bottle of Aberlour A'bunadh waiting unopened, I'm assuming it'll be even more of a sherry blast.

11 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

Great review! I opened and tried this for the first time tonight, I think this is the most accurate review I have read. Thanks! I bought it partly based on your description.

9 years ago 0

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