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Tormore 1995/2013 Gordon&MacPhail for The Whisky Mercenary

Dram Good

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10th Aug 2015


Tormore 1995/2013 Gordon&MacPhail for The Whisky Mercenary
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Tormore is the obscure distillery that marks the beginning of an era, namely the 60’s, when rapid expansion and modernisation destroyed much of the traditional whisky heritage while sawing the seeds of the impending doom of the 80’s. But unlike her contemporaries this distillery was no moloch of concrete and corrugated iron. Architecturally wise it can even be said that is one of the more interesting and daring designs.

The idiom states that it’s the beauty on the inside that counts. From a drinker’s perspective, it is safe to say that the owners did not heed attention to this old expression. Tormore though it is also marketed as a single malt is mostly used as a dresser or packer in blends.

Description: matured for 14 years in a refill bourbon cask, bottled by Gordon& MacPhail for The Whisky Mercenary at 50% ABV.

Nose: of with a minty fresh start: soft vanilla, a bowl of crispy un-sugared cornflakes and subtle notes of apple. Underneath a sniff of tarragon and molten paraffin wax with a touch of bitter oak. (with water added: a softer, expanded fruity profile: more paraffin, vanilla candles and gooseberry)

Mouth: a bitter herbal tea, or is it some tonic? A palate with a squash of lemon and a fair dash of white pepper (with water added: bitterness becomes empowered, a more peppery profile with tonic and herbs)

Finish: long with a elements of tangy citrus peel, bitter grapefruit and a peppery edge. (with water added: the citrus flavours have been removed from the equation, leaving only the bitter and peppery aspects)

Verdict: Quite strange what effect the water had on this particular dram: as the fruitiness is the nose increases, it dramatically drops in the overall profile. But what’s the final verdict? Once again the Whisky Mercenary picked a great cask to bottle. Tormore might not be the best distillery out there, but this bottle proves that by carefully selecting you might find still find some gems amongst the ugly ducklings.

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