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TWE Whisky Show 2013

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cowfish started a discussion

I know a few Connosrites came along last year, so I thought I'd drop in a quick announcement - tickets to The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2013 are now on sale:


I only put up the current version of the site yesterday (and am ironing out the couple of bugs I found while checking it this morning) but we'll have more info appearing as it is confirmed. There is cool stuff waiting in the wings...

One thing to note - early bird weekend tickets: £139. Bargain.

Any questions stick them below or drop me a PM.

11 years ago

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YorkshaPud replied

Tickets Booked - Let me know when you know more on the masterclasses and show bottlings please

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cowfish replied

@YorkshaPud Keep an eye on the website - I'll be putting stuff up on here when I remember, but everything we announce goes up over on whisky-show.com.

We should have news on one of our masterclasses next week. (I know what it is, and it looks pretty amazing)

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