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Tyrconnell Single Malt

A Wonderfully Textured and Tasty Irish Whiskey

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pReview by @paulrpotts

18th May 2010


Tyrconnell Single Malt
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The Tyrconnell has no age statement, but it is a single malt, and bottled at 40%. That's a bit light on the alcohol when compared to many Scotch whiskies.

In the glass, The Tyrconnell is a light straw-gold, quite pale and pretty. On the nose there is a little pungent alcohol burn, and a definite malty aroma -- it has a biscuity, cake-like scent. There's some aromatic lime and a touch of honey. It's a very appealing, gentle nose. My wife Grace detects fennel or licorice in it and says there is something that reminds her of "vaseline, but not in a bad way."

On the tongue, there's an immediate sweetness and roundness that is very pleasant: shortbread or biscuits are definitely up front, but there is more to it than that -- the finish is light on burn but long on pleasant citrus notes, like lemon taffy. There's something like tart green apples; there's yeasty breadiness, like ripping open a fresh baguette. There are apricots (sulfured, but the sulfur is not pronounced or unpleasant). And that mouth feel is really exceptional -- it's not oily exactly, but syrupy. This has one of the best mouth feels of any whisky I've tasted.

With water, the nose opens up and that malt and yeast become more pronounced, and I get an Irish oats flavor, as if I were chewing on some rolled oats. That vaseline feel on the tongue is even more pronounced and it reminds me of... wait for it... processed American cheese singles! (That's the slight petroleum-like flavor combined with something umami, like pickled plums or a faint whiff of soy sauce or fermented black beans).

Now that's a bit strange, but not unpleasant. Grace says "grassy, and nougat candy." It sounds like quite a confusing set of flavors, but it all harmonizes quite well, and in fact the reason it is possible to explore so many flavors in this whisky is because none of them are overwhelming. I actually prefer it with water, so try it both ways!

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LeFrog commented

I'm a fan of Tyrconnell. Under rated.

14 years ago 0

macsimonds commented

I'm a fan , first had this on a visit to ireland...not sure you should say "compared to many Scotch whiskies" as this is an Irish Whiskey...maybe I misunderstood your meaning or context..but Scotch can only be made in scotland...and if tyconnell is made in ireland..it certainly is not Scotch..nor should it be directly compared to it...I found the tyrconnell to be smokey and sweet. enjoy

13 years ago 0