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Washing and preparing whisky glasses

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LeFrog started a discussion

At the risk of sounding a bit uptight, I'm interested to know how others wash and prepare their whisky glasses for tasting. Anywhere else I would feel a bit shy about sharing this mild obsession, but I know I am in good company here :)

The dishwasher is a bit of a no-no for me as the rinsing agent in dishwasher tablets leaves quite a strong smell in the glass which I can't seem to get rid of. Dishwashing also damages your nice glasses in the long term.

Obviously soap particles cling to imperfections in the surface of the glass so washing by hand is a better option but you need to be careful that no suds are left on the glass. You do clearly need to use some kind of soap or detergent to remove the natural oils left by the whisky.

I've got two glass cleaning brushes, one that gets soapy and a second which is purely for rinsing. I then leave the glass to dry upside down and polish using a clean and (relatively) lint-free cloth before putting away.

If the glass has been sitting in the cupboard for than a few days I lightly steam it over the kettle, re-polish and let it cool before pouring the whisky. This can be a nice way to bring the glass up to room temperature on colder days.

I'm glad I got that off my chest :)

13 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

@LeFrog, actually that's not as uptight as it may seem, sir. While I'll admit I simply clean my glasses in the dishwasher or by hand (depending on how full the machine is by the time I run out of glasses...), I do sterilize them (as I do my little sample bottles) in a baby bottle steralizer (a plastic bowl with a lid on it in which you put the glasses on a tray, fill it with water underneath and then let it have a go for about five minutes in the microwave oven). If you have (had) a baby, you'll probably know what I'm talking about. If not, use your imagination :-)

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antihero replied

Hand wash with liquid soap and dry upside down over paper towel.

By the way...give 'em a wipe with a coffee filter to get off any streaks.

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Hogshead replied

I agree with mark, nothing uptight about this at all.

Firstly you don't want any contaminating flavours. Secondly from an aesthetic point of view I want my glass looking pristine.

I wash mine by hand after a session - frequently this happens the next morning. But I nearly always rewash, normally with just very hot water, just before pouring.

I've also noticed that dishwasher smell.

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Carlito replied

This is my technique! I'll wash a glass by hand using a bit of soap. I then leave the hot water (as hot as you can) runing in the glass i just washed while I wash a second glass. Once washed, it takes the rinsing glass' space in the sink and I put the (burning hot) glass being rinsed upside down on a clean towel. I clean all my glasses like this.

By the time you're done all your glasses, the first glass you washed should have a bit of steam in it. You dry all glasses in the same order with a clean lint-free cloth.

At time of reusing the glasses, i'll usually run them under hot water and dry them again. I let them cool down to room temperature before using though.

That's my ritual.

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scribe replied

Washing? Why not just leave the aromas of previous tastings to build up over time, like a teapot?

Also, brushing teeth the same evening as having a dram is mostly heresy.


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markjedi1 replied

@Scribe: no can do. Then I would never get around to brushing my teeth :-)

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robdoyle replied

Hold on... I'm not supposed to drink straight from the bottle? Or my flask on the golf course? Or off the counter if a drop falls? I'm so out of touch...

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