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Where does the Bourbon Cask come from?

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DutchGaelisch started a discussion

When distillers use Sherry Casks the always tell us Oloroso, PX. Madeira, etc. They don't tell us what type of Bourbon Cask is used? Is it a WL Weller or a Elijah Craig or Jim Beam? Do you know which distiller uses what type of Bourbon Cask? I'm curious! I know Deanston uses mostly Four Roses Bourbon Casks.

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Thank you @vanPelt for the link, and @FMichael for starting a simular discussion 4 years ago. The information I distilled (ha!) form this discussion:

Some are more sure than others, some are ‘facts’ some are ‘rumours':

• Ardbeg - Jack Daniel's

• Ardmore – Marker’s Mark

• Arran - Jim Beam, Old Granddad, Eiljah Craig

• Benromach - Jim Beam

• Deanston – Four Roses

• Glenglassaugh - George Dickel

• Glenkinchie - Bulleit Bourbon

• Glenmorangie – Jack Daniel's, Heaven Hill

• Jameson - Wild Turkey

• Kilchoman - Buffalo Trace

• Laphroaig – Maker’s Mark

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FMichael replied

Haven't been here in a while, and upon my return I find a discussion that's always piqued my interest.

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