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A sneak peek at our new scoring system

By Connosr

We're very close to rolling out our new whisky scoring system here on Connosr - so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek of how it's going to work.

A peak at our new scoring system - which doesn't use watercolours

After sharing our early thoughts with you last year we had a bit more time to consider all the options - so this solution is an evolution of our initial proposal.

Try the demo

You can preview the new system with this demo version, feel free to have a play around with it.


What you need to know

  • Stars are out
  • The 100 point scale is in
  • Review authors will be able to choose between 'Simple' and 'Advanced' scoring
  • 'Simple' scoring uses a sliding scale with visual indicators to encourage consistent scoring
  • 'Advanced' scoring will allow you to break down the score by Nose, Taste, Finish & Balance - 25 points for each
  • Existing scores will be multiplied by 10 so, for example, 8.5 stars will convert to 85/100
  • Users with reviews in the system will be able to amend their score during an 'amnesty' period

Let us know what you think.