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Abunadhman replied

@Eirikur, Excellent pronunciation in a most attractive voice, however there are a couple of debatable Distillery names. His "Kool Eye la" is not how it is pronounced at the Distillery, nor is it as suggested on the packaging: Caol Ila say "Cull Ee-la", mind you his (Pip's) pronunciation does have a gorgeous ring to it. Likewise Ledaig, I have only ever heard pronounced as "Le-Chig" and not as Ledig; however, I have been known to be wrong (often). He does get the oft incorrectly pronounced "Glen Garioch" spot on - of course, "Glen-geery"

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cowfish replied

There's not much consistency about pronunciation for some of the distilleries - I've heard Scottish whisky people talking about 'Le-dayg', a knowledgable guy in a whisky bar referred to 'Bunnabeen' while talking to me the other day and Richard Paterson pronounces Glen Mhor with a hard M (although says Slainte Mhath as you'd expect)...

I'm still trying to work out if someone told me that Auchroisk is 'Orthrusk' to make me look foolish in front of a crowd :)

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Abunadhman replied

@cowfish, that would seem to be correct! The devil is in the spelling; some spell it as Ah-thrusk and pronounce it much the same (?).

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Wodha replied

I purchased Pip's CD a couple of years ago. It's a great listen, much more fun that the website as it's three guys sitting around discussing facts about the various distilleries. I can hear them pouring drams in the background and they loosen up as the recording goes on. There's even some laughter near the end.

The Sound of Whisky CD Pip Hills is on a mission to get us all saying 'Dailuaine' and 'Bunnahabhain' properly and so has released this very entertaining CD of two charming chaps (not Pip) nattering about the pronunciation and derivation of all these bizarre Scottish words (incidentally designed by callous sales and marketing men to stop us from pronouncing these words, let alone remember them). A worthwhile gift.

Postage UK £2, EU £3, ROW £5 (not as one bottle according to your check out invoice).

(Price excluding VAT: £6.38) £7.50 Including VAT at 17.5%

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