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Whisky Resolutions for 2022, Anyone?

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Nozinan started a discussion

Happy New Year!

Maybe it was the fog of COVID, but I could not find any thread for 2021. That might explain why I was able to keep my resolutions!

The landscape has changed. For many, the pandemic has taken our minds away from whisky, for some the spirit has been a way to keep a sense of normalcy in the midst of chaos, and for others there has been no change.

Prices of certain whiskies have shot up, availabilities have decreased. New gems discovered, old stalwarts harder to find.

What does 2022 hold for you in your whisky journey?

7 months ago

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Nozinan replied

I always find this thread a good way to reflect on my hobby, how things have gone and the direction I would like them to take. It's also good to look back on my stated goals at the end of the year.

In 2020 I recorded a sharp decline in my consumption by about 40%, but in 2021 things pretty much levelled off, with consumption in the last quarter starting to rebound. This may be due to the fact that we were briefly able to have in-person tastings again.

I’ve noticed that at tastings my pours are now small (5-10cc), and at home if I am enjoying a dram it is usually 15-20 cc, whereas before the pandemic I would usually be a little more generous to myself. I’ve observed I would rather sip a reasonable whisky with others than a great whisky on my own.

In 2022 I will continue to monitor my consumption, but I have no specific goals in mind.

In 2021 I had very modest purchasing goals. I was looking forward to any Canadian CS releases and I purchased a few backups of the 2 AP CS releases that became available that year. Despite having little else on the radar I still accumulated as many bottles as I did the year before (though I bought a couple fewer and got more as gifts. I still managed to increase my total (unopened) bottle count by 6. It would have been more had I not opened so many new bottles. As in 2020, I managed to lay to rest only 4 bottles, and my open bottle count increased by 11. There are still a lot of heels remaining.

What are my goals for 2022?

I want to see if I can finish a lot of the heels to make room for some new bottles that will invariably be opened this year. There are some I simply am not interested in - maybe I should see if any of my friends want them. Others are near the end and need a review before I send them off - I will try to get to that. If they have replacements waiting, I should finish them already.

I would like to finish going through my 2019 advent calendar. I still have about 2/3 of the bottles to review and I will try to do more of them than I got through in the last year.

I can see 9 bottles in my collection that I would like to open. 4 are Milk and Honey expressions and one will depend on a friend visiting from the US, so this may be an ambitious goal.

In terms of purchases, I hope to open any new expression I buy, not add it to the ever-expanding “to do list”. I hope to fight FORO and be very judicious about how many backups I buy. For instance, I currently have 3 bottles of APCS open, and still have almost a third of the 2019 release. The more releases I buy, the more slowly the levels of these bottles will drop. Do I really need a lot of backups?

The ever present paradox - For most of the expressions I own, I do not have enough to last a lifetime, and yet I have more than I can consume in my remaining years.

As before, I’m not looking to expand my collection. if there is a new Amrut or Milk and Honey release that I can get at a decent price, I will pull the trigger. Bottle splits are also a great way to go.

And with a better idea of what I like and what I am likely to consume in the next 20 years, I can start looking at what might make a good gift.

I would very much like to see my collection just a little smaller by this time next year. But I’m more likely to add storage capacity this year than to see that happen, if past performance is a predictor.

I wish you all a happy new year and look forward to hearing what your plans might be.

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RianC replied

First, a very happy New year to you, Sir, and all!

I really haven't given this much thought as of yet but your point about consumption chimes with me. I have noticeably drank less the last two years - covid (maybe?), a second child and wider health/gastro issues have meant finding times/days where I can drink and really enjoy the experience has been more challenging.

Liver wise, this is great, but my collection has grown way beyond what I can comfortably store and what I buy outpaces what I currently drink. I'm also dabbling more in malternatives (armagnac and rum) - so something has to give!

I think my 'buying policy' is sound i.e. Buy quality, buy bulk (if possible), look out for good deals and exciting new releases, while only buying those that really scratch my whisky itch, as it were.

In 2022, I will have to show more restraint, I feel, and will perhaps focus on buying less, but especially bottles that I buy primarily due to being well-priced. Still, I sense prices will keep rising so it seems prudent to get the deals while we can ...

In short, I guess even more selectivity in buying and certainly more moderation.

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My consumption will likely take a sharp drop off in January and February as I gear up for grad school applications and contemplate my future with all my wits about me. I generally take a break in January to offset the higher consumption in December.

As far as purchases, similar to last year I'll be on the lookout for good independently bottled Scotch, while I'll stick to decently priced mid-shelf bourbons for the daily drams i.e Early Times BiB and OGD 114.

I hope everyone has a prosperous year, and hopefully we can begin to put all the mess of the pandemic behind us and get out in the sun a little bit!

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YakLord replied

My consumption has dropped significantly since March 2020: doqn to one or two cocktails a week, plus maybe a glass of whisky or wine (or a beer) on the weekend with dinner. My purchasing has not, however, so that's something I need to address before what I have exceeds my storage capacity.

At present, an open bottle lasts on average 1.5 to 2 years, and considering that most bottles I do open are opened for tasting events, by the time they actually enter my cabinet they're 1/2 to 2/3 empty.

So, resolution for 2022, buy less, and experiment more with using whisky in cooking, in order to get through bottles faster.

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BlueNote replied

These are mostly unattainable, but here goes: buy less whisky, drink less whisky, stop the endless upgrading of audio equipment, stop buying vinyl records (or find some place to store them), take a bunch of CDs to the thrift store (charity shop @RianC and co.), show a bit more appreciation for what a spectacularly tolerant person my beautiful wife is, get back in the gym, quit moaning about what a drag COVID-19 is and start thinking about what we can do and not obsessing about what we can’t do. Oh yeah, and no booze in January, and get rid of the remaining Christmas baking, which only resulted in a 3/12 pound gain this year, but needs to stop…now…he said while scarfing down a butter tart.

Looks like we won’t be spending February in Mexico this year, but we will probably crank up the blender for some Margaritas. Happy New Year, amigos and amigas and best wishes for health and happiness in 2022.

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RianC replied

@BlueNote - same to you! And, yeah, I know thrift stores ... Whilst there, you could pick up some cheap audio gear stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

(Naughty words warning!)

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  • I’m planning on purchasing fewer bottles of whisky this year. The ROI keeps diminishing so I’ve got to be more selective.
  • I’m going to try to get some more reviews done. I haven’t been very motivated these last 4-5 months.
  • I’m hoping to get to Toronto to see a doctor about some whisky that’s been there awhile.
  • I’m hoping the savings from not buying as much whisky allows me to get a few guitars I’ve had my eye on for awhile: an Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster, a Gibson ES-335, and a 1950s Les Paul Standard re-issue.

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BlueNote replied

@OdysseusUnbound That sounds like a fair bit of guitar money. The ES is a sweet Gibson.

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@BlueNote Yeah I’m not sure I’ll land them all this year. The EJ Strat seems to be a no-go. There’s at least a six month backlog, maybe more, and all the music stores want money upfront. No go for this guy. I have to play it before I buy it. I’ll probably end up getting an American Professional II or an American Ultra Strat.

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JayRain replied

Happy New Year everyone - much like all of you, consumption has gone down as tastings have gone down - good for the liver & for the wallet. In 2019, I did make a concerted effort to drink less & streamline my collection and continue to make positive strides in those goals.

Bottles accumulated in the last 12-15 months - APCS, Maker's Mark 101 (gifted half to brother-in-law), Wiser's 22 YO Cask Strength (Bday gift to me) & Forty Creek Master's Cut (gifting half to a friend). Outside of whiskey, I converted a couple of LCBO gifts into a Berta 2013 Grappa which I had a 2010 version in Rome a few years back & absolutely loved.

Bottles finished include Talisker 57, the aforementioned APCS & Wiser 22 YO, Clynelish 14YO First Edition, Balvenie 14 YO Caribbean Cask, Glenfarclas 21 and probably a couple I am missing.

Down to 10 unopened bottles however most are 25 YO Heavyweights which are being saved for either a personal special occasion or a Connosr Epic Tasting. Currently have 6 open bottles and targetting 5 to be finished in 2022 (presuming that summer allows for get togethers again).

Was supposed to go to a couple of Broadway shows in late-January although suspect that will be quashed - was targeting a Cognac & Tequila to replace finished bottles in 2021.

By 2024, I aim to be down to a bar of 1 each of the following - Gin, Mezcal, Tequila, Rum, Cognac, Rye, Bourbon; and 2 scotches (1 peated; 1 more smooth & gentle), operating as a JIT inventory.

Good luck in your pursuits - I assure you that it can be done.

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RianC replied

@OdysseusUnbound - nice choices! guitar I've been staring at my three guitars for five years now thinking, 'I'll fix them soon!'. And to think it wasn't that long ago youd have had to wrestle me to get them off me. Such is 'Dad life' grin

I've been thinking on similar lines - not musical but I do need a few upgrades in my golf bag and clothing and less whisky buying would free up the cash nicely. I think your focused approach has some discernable merit ...

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@BlueNote Green Tele? Which green Tele? Do I have to add another guitar to my wish list?

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BlueNote replied

@OdysseusUnbound I Googled American Professional ll and it came up on several sites. It's a light olive green and there is a Strat and a Bass in the same colour. I think Steve Winwood has an old Strat in the same colour that he's had forever.

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