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Whisky Sponge on Ralfy 'Macallan' Mitchell

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By @RianC @RianC on 11th Dec 2018, show post

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Nozinan replied

@RianC My patients can't wait for me to drive to my temple to answer the phone...

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Wierdo replied

@talexander not had the second dose yet. Scheduled for end of March. The UK government decided to prioritise first doses for as many people as possible rather than 2 doses for less people.

I understand the logic. But it does worry me a bit that it's not how the vaccines are recommended to be used.

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RianC replied


Might as well add this here ...

A new post from WhiskySponge that had me giggling. I mean, that presentation stand is so out of place and incomprehensible it deserves an award (of a raspberry kind).

The following had me in stitches:

"We did want to use fists to celebrate the long history of kink and fetish nights at Easter Elchies house and the thrill of going up to the elbow into a junior marketing executive as the moonlight bounces gently off the guttering of warehouse 12"


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