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Wild Turkey 101

Happy 4th - I'm back!

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5th Jul 2017


Wild Turkey 101
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I have returned to America just in time for Independence Day, and figured a nice American whiskey would do the trick. I haven't had the standard 81 proof. This bottle is my mom's, is 3/4 full and opened for about a month apparently. I believe there is a higher rye content in this than the standard 81 proof but I ask for verification on that.

Nose: Pecans, walnuts, caramel, vanilla. Sweet. Very nutty. It's almost like smelling your grandma's pecan pie with an alcohol kick.

Palate: More pecan specifically, along with other temperate climate nuts. Pine nuts, walnuts, oak, even some minty green pine needles...would be a good forest whiskey....if thats a thing. Caramel, vanilla, and leche cake are there as well especially on the finish to make for a pretty sweet finish. 5 minutes later and that minty green pine needle taste returns which I find unique and I'm fairly fond of it.

Overall: I enjoyed this. It's a bit sweet at some points, but the flavors are big and well balanced. If you know me then you know I'm not a huge bourbon guy. I will say this, I liked this better than the Knob Creek 9yr that I had while in China which suprised me because this is half the age.

Happy 4th and welcome home to me!

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Victor commented

@casualtorture, nice review.

When you do have 81 proof Wild Turkey bourbon do remember that 80 and 81 proof bourbons are always the barrels that are left over after every other more premium product claims the better barrels. In other words, do remember that 80 and 81 proof bourbons are the 'just OK' barrels intended primarily for mixing.

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