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Wild Turkey 101

Fickle Bird

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20th Aug 2012


Wild Turkey 101
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Wild Turkeys are extremely beautiful birds in the wild. They are canny, wary, and take flight quickly when startled. I have had the delight of walking up on some wild turkeys in a field and seeing them take to the air in flight.

In the USA, Wild Turkey 101 proof/50.5% ABV bourbon carries no age statement, probably because it so familiar to Americans and age statements are not the selling point among US bourbon drinkers that they are among Scotch malt drinkers.

I've consumed this bourbon, occasionally, for several decades now, always liking it but never holding it in adulation. The reviewed bottle is about 3 years old, and is 2/3rds full.

Colour: pretty dark, 60%-ile for bourbons probably, 95%-ile for Scotches. New wood gives a lot of colour

Nose: both mellower and milder than when first opened; lots of sweet oak/maple, lots of vanilla

Taste: robust classic bourbon flavours, with lots of charred new wood oak, above average rye content in a bourbon, and plenty of sweetness from the wood. I have not always found this bourbon to be mellow, but this bottle has mellowed out in time. This is not the smoothest bourbon on the lot, but it is a strong and represtative one

Finish: a good strong long bourbon finish. How good the flavours are depends somewhat on where in the oxidation cycle you sample it. I like this best well-oxidised

Balance: not subtle at all...Jethro Leroy Gibbs in NCIS...if you play this bottle right it is very satisfying, but you may have to wait for it to mellow to your liking. I'll generally prefer the Wild Turkey Rare Breed to 101, but I would be very satisfied to have 101 as my companion in the cabin in the Yukon for the winter rather than nothing

Rating is for the bottle now 3 years opened. This would have rated for me 21-21-20-22=84 at first opened

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