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Wild Turkey Tradition 1995 14 Year Old Master Distiller

Rich and comforting, but still Wild

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21st May 2012


Wild Turkey Tradition 1995 14 Year Old Master Distiller
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This is a limited release from the Wild Turkey Distillery. I was lucky enough to get this $100 bottle for $64 on closeout sale in Pennsylvania.

The nose on this is very nice and soothing. I love the smell of bourbon, but most lower priced bourbons fail to really hold my attention on the nose. This, however, offers up a nice bouquet of aromas. Candied orange, brown sugar, oak, barrel char, and even more exotic and unusual notes like rosemary and tobacco. This is a dram that can hold your nose all evening, and through the bottle. Excellent!

Although this is certainly oaky from 14 years in the wood, I find it very balanced. Yes, there is a strong oak presence. There is also a heavy, rich sweetness not unlike Wild Turkey 101, and you also get a hint of spicy, fiery attack that you might find in Rare Breed. Additionally, there is a fruity orange/tart cherry profile that is strongly evident on the palate. This is a similar note to what I get in Rare Breed, but Tradition smooths out the rough edges of Rare Breed and brings an extra dynamic. Tradition is very thick, chewy, and full-bodied.

All in all, fantastic bourbon. I'm happy having paid $64 for this (a lot of money for a bottle of bourbon for me... most expensive I've had in fact), though I can't say I found the deal of the century. The full $100 price seems a bit high. I don't know if I could bring myself to pay that much, but if you're looking for a gift for a bourbon lover (and thus, not worried about value), this is fantastic whiskey and will be sure to please.

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