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Willett 18 Year D&M Exclusive Barrel# B44

Delicious, Chocolatey Bourbon

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nReview by @numen

5th Aug 2012


Willett 18 Year D&M Exclusive Barrel# B44
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Color: The bourbon seems a bit light-color for an 18 year old spirit, almost like a well-ageing Sauternes.

The nose is very dark, full of chocolate malt, sawdust, thick and moist coffee cake, with traces of vanilla, cinnamon, mint, and mentholated maple reduction. There is a slight, but very pleasant and intriguing, sourness, like dark-chocolate covered cherries.

The palate is extremely smooth, and seems nowhere near the slightly elevated proof (94). Maple and honey dominate, with coconut shavings, cocoa nibs, aged maduro, brown spices, and dry oakiness singing backup. There's a small amount of pepper to round it out.

Finish: The chocolatey finish is dry, dark, and slightly bitter, and contrasts well with the sandalwood-like sweetness. There's some oak, but everything is well-balanced. Some qualities of an old-rum, though still a bourbon to the bone. Delicious

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Victor commented

49% ABV is actually extremely low for an 18 year old Willett bourbon. 55% ABV would still be low for this age of uncut American whiskey. Most would start upwards of 55%, and 68% and 69% ABV is not uncommon.

11 years ago 0

Bourbondork commented

Victor - it's possible the purchaser requested the bourbon be cut. This is something that KBD will do upon request. Of course, most that purchase the Willett label go for cask strength. All my Willetts are Barrel strength which gives me the opportunity to cut to proof at will.

11 years ago 0

numen commented

Victor, you're certainly right. D&M did not advertise the bottle as uncut and unfiltered (as they did for other Willett bottles). By taste alone, it's clear that water was added. It probably results in a slightly shorter finish compared to, say, a Stagg or WLWeller, but it holds its own and lasts well.

11 years ago 0

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