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William Larue Weller bottled 2007

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William Larue Weller bottled 2007

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William Larue Weller bottled 2007

One of the blessings of my life is having a sister who owns hundreds of bottles of whisk(e)y, about half of which I do not own myself. She buys lots of things I would not buy but want to taste, and quite a few that I would buy but do not have to because she has done so already

Somehow, in late 2010 or early 2011, a vendor sold her a bottle of William Larue Weller from the 2007 release. I have known this bottle since it was first opened about 5 years ago. It is an old friend and a special favourite of mine

Colour: dark, though not as dark as some other releases of William Larue Weller

Nose: crisp tannic oak, with crisp integrated wheat flavours. The oak here is the closest to the typical oak of Elijah Craig 12 yo Barrel Proof than is that of any release of William Larue Weller which I have tasted, in a very good way. Strong, flavourful, but not too much of anything to get in the way. Invigourating and exciting. Water added raises the pitch and brings out crystalline sugar. Beautiful with water. Score: 24/25

Taste: strong thick translation from the nose; after 5 years quite thick and syrupy in a very good way. In earlier years this was strong but not quite as intensely thick in texture. Lots of sweetness, natural caramel, and vanilla, with some oak tannins. What really differentiates the 2007 release from other releases which I have had is a center of flavour pitch density which is more tenor than bass-baritone. Wonderful. Water added bundles and slightly mutes the palate flavours, bringout out a chocolate-maple-caramel effect. I prefer the palate without water. Score: 24/25

Finish: long, very strong, with the tannins asserting themselves, but never becoming overwhelming. With water added the finish increases the influence of the tannins. Score: 23/25

Balance: excellent on nose and palate, very good on the finish. Score: 23/25

Total Sequential Score: 94 points

Strength: very strong throughout, despite 58.95% ABV being relatively a very low alcohol strength for a release of William Larue Weller. Score: 25/25

Quality: excellent individual flavours; this is the among the best juice Buffalo Trace makes. Score: 24/25

Variety: very good variety, with many nuances of complexity throughout. Score: 23/25

Harmony: outstanding harmony in the nose and on the palate; very good harmony on the finish. Score: 23.5/25

Total Non-Sequential Score: 95.5 points

Comment: I will be very sorry to see this bottle of 2007 release William Larue Weller go. It has been an old friend to which I have returned to give me a lift and remind me how bright the experience of whiskey can be. It is a great example of why William Larue Weller is so prized a bottle to own and to drink

Many thanks for a terrific review, @Victor! I once had a bottle of the 2011 release (at a whopping 66.75% ABV) and enjoyed every drop of it. I can only too well imagine how much enjoyment you must have derived from the priced 2007 release.

Great review - WLWs are so fantastic...

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