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Reviews by @BonnieMac

Macallan 1964 25 Year Old

SMmmmmmoooooooth Macallan 1964 25 Year Old

This is wonderful! The first thing I smelled was the freshly torched sugar on creme brulee, with vanilla and slight licorice?? lavender??? -- I am having a hard time placing it exactly-- scent. Also,…

@BonnieMacBy @BonnieMac13 years ago 0 297

Glenmorangie Signet

UNBELIEVEABLE Glenmorangie Signet

WOW! I had Glenmorangie Signet last week and if that isn't the HOPE DIAMOND of Scotch whisky --- then I'm a monkey. I couldn't follow it up with anything other than the same, as they would be slightly…

@BonnieMacBy @BonnieMac13 years ago 0 798

Highland Park 12 Year Old

WHOA Peaty Highland Park 12 Year Old

Okay, here is my first review ~ I heard some good reviews about the Highland Park from various places, was at the HUGE grocery-store-like liquor store, and may have been lost in the bottles hiding in the…

@BonnieMacBy @BonnieMac14 years ago 0 555