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Ardbeg Dark Cove

Delicious. One of Ardbeg's best. Ardbeg Dark Cove

This is just a quick review after one glass this evening. Note that this is the general release, not the much higher ABV committee release.I found this to be milder than the Uigeadail, but similar in…

@McTeagueBy @McTeague7 years ago 0 091

Dalmore SMWS 13.47

Young, Unsherried, Cask Strength Dalmore SMWS 13.47

This is a SMWS bottling of a 10 year old Dalmore at 59.3% from a refill ex bourbon barrel, distilled on May 12, 2005.Of course I had to know what a young unsherried Dalmore tastes like, and I was plea…

@McTeagueBy @McTeague8 years ago 0 092

Mortlach 76.119 SMWS

Offbeat Chalky, Sherried Mortlach Mortlach 76.119 SMWS

This is an 18 year old Mortlach from a refill sherry butt distilled on July 19, 1995 and is one out of 586 bottles. SMWS USA sold it for $155.In color, light amber. This one was a challenge to appreciate…

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Lot No. 40

A superb rye whisky Lot No. 40

APPEARANCE: Dark caramel.BODY: Medium bodied. AROMA: Delicious. Like dark caramel flan sauce with dark rum, spicy rye and cherry notes.ON THE PALATE: The arrival is dryer than the nose. Rye, cherry and…

@McTeagueBy @McTeague10 years ago 0 089

Springbank 10 Year Old

Lives up to its reputation Springbank 10 Year Old

On the nose, malty, lightly sweet with light peat. With some time, hints of vanilla and mint appear.On the palate, good body, oily, mostly dry. A substantial malty character with light peat that stands…

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