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Ridgemont Reserve 1792 8 Year Old

Balanced rye kick Ridgemont Reserve 1792 8 Year Old

Color: Burnt caramel, dark toffeeNose: Spiced woods, malt vinegarBody: Rich, almost heavyTaste: Vanilla, straw, grassy, slight warming spicesFinish: Mild drying, rich dark cinnamon and aniseOverall: A…

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Elijah Craig 12 Year Old

Sweet Wheat Elijah Craig 12 Year Old

Color: Butterscotch, hayNose: Honeyed ginger, cloveBody: Medium rich, smoothTaste: Dried wood, smokey, toasted grassFinish: Lingering, slightly sweet honey, vanillaOverall: A nice bourbon, easy to sip…

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Crown Royal

There is a whisky here somewhere Crown Royal

Color: Amber, Clover HoneyNose: Drying, yeasty, faint vanillaBody: Light-mediumTaste: Medicinal, dried banana and fruitsFinish: Short, drying and astringent, faint smokinessOverall: One of the lightest…

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Bushmills Original

The Lighter Side of Things Bushmills Original

Color: Pale yellow, light strawNose: Oily, astringent, citricBody: Thin, light, warmTaste: Fresh toasted wood, light citrusy fruitsFinish: Light, fast, slightly smokey grassOverall: Nice light whisky,…

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Highland Park 12 Year Old

Easy going, yet complex Highland Park 12 Year Old

Color: Dark hay, corn husksNose: Rubbery, peat, smokey, leafy and earthy, soilBody: Light and smoothTaste: Leafy, peat, salty and oakFinish: Long, drying, lingering smoke, kipper and saltOverall: An easy…

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