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Armorik Maître de Chai

A French master's blender ed. Armorik Maître de Chai

Armory Maître de Chai is a Breton whisky from the Warengheim distillery. The word Chai is the French word for a wine or a spirit warehouse. A Maître de Chai can be translated in Master blender since he…

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Ardbeg Perpetuum

The old friend's twin Ardbeg Perpetuum

Today I feel to treat myself with something is right down my alley. Ardbeg is one of my favorite distillery but I neglect it recently. So I poured myself a dram of Perpetuum from a bottle that have been…

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Kilkerran 12 Year Old

A different Campbeltow Kilkerran 12 Year Old

This is my first Kilkerran. Usually, I am not a fan of Campbeltown whisky because I often get rotten vegetal notes on the nose and the palate. Let see if it is different.Yep. It is. This is my third dram…

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J.P Wiser's Legacy

Air Canada J.P Wiser's Legacy

For the 150th birthday of Canada, I'm going back to a sure value among Canadian whisky: Wiser's Legacy. But It would not be useful to write another review of this well known whisky if this bottle was…

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DenHool Veenhaar 2010

A sweet kid from Netherland DenHool Veenhaar 2010

I am reviewing a sample of this new distillery thanks to markjedi1. Here are the information he provides us with in is review of it "Den Hool started distilling in August 2015, but the bottle that was…

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