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Reviews by @Volks

Talisker Port Ruighe

Different Distillers Edition Talisker Port Ruighe

This is a port matured version of Talisker with a name i couldnt imagine of pronouncing. Interestingly it retails in Australia for the same price as the distillers edition.* Nose: relatively restrained…

@VolksBy @Volks7 years ago 0 085

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

No change needed Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

This is a very good whisky in craft presentation. There is the idea that scotch whisky will move away from age statements, if they do i hope this whisky doesnt change, its dam good as it is.* Nose: light…

@VolksBy @Volks7 years ago 0 086

Deanston 12 Year Old

Working Mans Malt Deanston 12 Year Old

Deanston is very much an unrecognised and understated malt. It's an honest and somewhat simple malt with craft presentation. Nothing wrong with it.* Nose: vanilla, cherry wood, malt, banana, lemon,…

@VolksBy @Volks7 years ago 0 383

Glendronach 2002 10 Year Old cask #1988

Strong and Steady Glendronach 2002 10 Year Old cask #1988

This is a Pedro Ximinez matured cask at 10 years old.* Nose: banana skins, floury, raspberry jelly, pineapple some hazelnut chocolate really light sulphur notes and some rum also a sort of new book aroma…

@VolksBy @Volks7 years ago 0 087

Kilkerran Work in Progress 5 Sherry Cask

Still Working Kilkerran Work in Progress 5 Sherry Cask

Kilkerran (formerly known as Glen Gyle) was founded in 2004 (thanks to funding from Springbank) after it had been closed since 1925. This work in progress malt was matured in a Sherry cask for 9 years*…

@VolksBy @Volks7 years ago 0 879