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Reviews by @cheeserandyburg

Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye

It's a Rye Canadian Club Chairman's Select 100% Rye

This is a cheap, well priced 100% Rye that got a lot of raving when it came out, so why not try it.Nose: Fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. Palate: Sweet, dry, velvety astringent texture, with a bit a…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg2 years ago 2 177

Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish

The Tropics in a Bottle Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Port Finish

I've had the Tyrconnell 10 Port finish in the cabinet for about a year and what better way to warm up this January then by popping open this mystery dram!Nose: Pears, peaches, a hint of sweet lime and…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg2 years ago 1 082

The Black Grouse

The Chameleon The Black Grouse

Nose: Sweet, light peat, fresh fruits, and what is this... sherry? Pretty good.Palate: Sweet and creamy, but then grainy, harsh around the sides slightly and a hint of smoke and ashy peat. That's about…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg3 years ago 0 182

Tullamore Dew

Plain and Simple Tullamore Dew

A simple Irish blend. Nose - Ethanol, fairly harsh. Not something I want to get first thing I nose a drink. Some grainy notes with a very light vanilla.Palate - Grainy sweetness, some vanilla and spice…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg3 years ago 0 072

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Dessert Dram Glenfarclas 12 Year Old

Picked this one up in November of 2015 and popped it open tonight. Nose - Sweet and woody fresh ripe oak coupled with strong hints of dried fruit and raisins. Moving along we get butterscotch with grapes…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg3 years ago 0 188

George Dickel Rye

Never disappointing George Dickel Rye

95% Rye 5% Malted Barley Nose: HEAVY Peppermint, brown sugar, hints of vanilla, milk chocolate, toffee, polish remover, sugar maple and subtle char. All in all, a fairly robust, full sugary nose with the…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg3 years ago 0 090

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old

A pleasant surprise.. Auchentoshan 12 Year Old

Now that the temps have dropped I thought it would be a good idea to open up something new, and what better then a bottle that's been sitting in the cabinet for over 3 years. Nose - Sweet smooth toffee…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg3 years ago 0 484

Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve

Gentle Sipper Grant's Sherry Cask Reserve

Nose: Soft cream, floral, alcohol, berries, citrus, fresh faint sherryPalate: Spicy, creamy pepper, rough on the edges, however, the sherry finish adds a nice sweet bite to make it much more tolerable…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg4 years ago 0 077

George Dickel No:12

Tug of War George Dickel No:12

I didn't plan on opening this tonight but haven't had a drink in months and wanted to try something new from the cabinet. Nose - Sweet, light spice, syrupy cream notes along with some toffee. Palate -…

@cheeserandyburgBy @cheeserandyburg4 years ago 0 290