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Reviews by @vanPelt

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 3

CocoRum Almond Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 3

Nose: Coconut oil, rum cake, bitter almond (“cyanide”). All “thin high notes" at first… But later some white chocolate thickness comes out of the coconut, and lower-pitch nectarine (slight pineapple?…

@vanPeltBy @vanPelt7 years ago 0 087

Glenfarclas 105 20 Year Old

Ignition Glenfarclas 105 20 Year Old

In my review of the standard 105, I mentioned that I was reviewing this 20yo H2H against it. Again, the first notes are for full strength (in appropriately small sips!).First vapor: (Hot-) Cinnamon and…

@vanPeltBy @vanPelt7 years ago 0 387

Glenfarclas '105'

15 with an "Oh"? Glenfarclas '105'

For the 105th or so review, there was really only one option…. I've reviewed a range of Glenfarclases (10/15/21/25/30/40), but none with such high ABV; this feature is often seen as making the 105 a…

@vanPeltBy @vanPelt7 years ago 0 386

Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

Honey Vegetal Shortcake Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

Delving further into the world of Glendronach. I would not call this one representative of the brand as far as I know, since it is more malty/bourbony than the older and more heavily sherried varieties…

@vanPeltBy @vanPelt7 years ago 0 182

Glendronach Octarine

Pumpkin Grape SandP Glendronach Octarine

My earlier tasting of the Octarine took place in poor conditions (hot, outdoors, single dram) and my experience with malts was much more limited— for example, I had not tasted, or heard of, Glendronach…

@vanPeltBy @vanPelt7 years ago 0 385