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Old Rip Van Winkle's 15 Year Old Family Reserve

The Pinnacle

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@voidwp2556Review by @voidwp2556

21st Oct 2012


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Black licorice, caramel, chocolate, honey, and maple syrup adorn the very dark nose. Another review hit the nail on the head with furniture polish!

Unctuous and chewy on the palate. Along with the beautiful flavored mentioned above, there are stunning notes of clove and mint. This dazzles, and goes back forth between dark and goopy to light and spicy (doesn't sound possible, I know, but it's achieved here).

In my opinion, the Van Winkle bourbons represent the pinnacle of American whiskey. Unfortunately for us, there isn't much to go around, so savor what you can find!

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Victor commented

Is your reviewed bottle 'new 15' or 'old 15'? ...ie was it released Spring 2011 or before, or Fall 2011 and after? Two different bourbons, from two different distilleries.

If the ABV is actually 53.3% as indicated above, I suppose this is a bottle from a new release. 53.5% ABV was always the strength in the past.

Your description of 'dark' notes sounds more like the recent Buffalo Trace product.

8 years ago 0

voidwp2556 commented

Victor- Fall 2010 actually, had this one for a while...

8 years ago 0

Victor commented

@voidwp2556, Oh yeah, Stitzel-Weller! Now you're talkin'!

One can't have too many bottles of this on hand.

8 years ago 0

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