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A Steal of a Deal ?!

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By @HP12 @HP12 on 13th Mar 2011, show post

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mscottydunc replied

Found Talisker Storm for 34.99 at Binny's in Chicago. It sells for $90 here in Ontario, so relative to my local price it was a steal.

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MuddyFunster replied

Bottle of Parker's 13 yr old wheat for £66.49 in October from a provisional store. Spotted it at the back of the shelf. Guy knew it was worth way more but as it was priced said he had to sell it to me!

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Nock replied

@mscottydunc That is a fantastic price! I wish I could pick up a bottle for that. In my area it is $63.59

@MuddyFunster that is an amazing find. I can't believe it has sat of the shelf that long. I had a bottle of the higher ABV version at 68.7%. Do let us know what you think!

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Nock replied

@Nozinan I very much enjoyed my taste of the Lagavulin 12yo CS 2015. I certainly hope to pick up a bottle before it all disappears from shelves. I had to pass on on a bottle while I was on vacation (my whisky budget and my available trunk space were both maxed). My main motivation is that I still have an unopened bottle of Lagavulin 12yo CS from 2003. I would love to open it along side the 2015 batch. I would love to compare what they were bottling in 2003 alongside the spirit they were distilling at the same time.

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Astroke replied

@MuddyFunster Parker Beam may be smiling down on this Steal of a Deal transaction.

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Funny to read the posting from 5 years ago. You can see what happened with the prices of good whisky. I felt it was time to take advantage of the Brexit and the devaluation of the pound. I ordered 3 bottles of Talisker 18 in the UK for € 82,- a bottle. Free shipping within 3 days! That's a 25% discount, in my region you can't find a Talisker 18 for under € 100,-.

A tip for other European (some ship overseas) costumers on Connosr: this dutch site, www.whiskyprijzen.com helps me a lot in finding 'Steal of a deals'.

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Pete1969 replied

@DutchGaelisch try whiskysite.nl currently got an offer on Glen Garioch 15 Renaissance at €70, HP18 at 90 and PC12 at 100 I would need to put a decent order in to make shipping worthwhile to U.K. And a little short on whisky tokens after Xmas. Shipping inside Netherlands is only €6.95 no matter how many bottles ordered.

I was buying all my bourbon from a different site in the Netherlands but prices have started to balance by the time shipping to U.K. is taken into account and the poor exchange rate. Bad luck for me good luck for Scotch lovers on the continent. :-(

Fine purchase of the Talisker 18 the one advantage of living in U.K. At the moment is that the Scotch pricing has not changed, fingers crossed Sturgeon does not manage to split the nation. I really will feel depressed if I have to pay import duty on Scotch.


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@Pete1969 Whiskysite is great, I bought 3 bottles of HP 18 for € 62,- a bottle. This was in 2014, 2 bottles of them are still unopened in my 'stock'.

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