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Alberta Premium Dark Horse

Dark, Murky, and Spicy

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@VictorReview by @Victor

10th Mar 2013


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Thanks for the reviewed sample is given to @paddockjudge. The reviewed sample is from bottle # L2249AD201180917, opened December 2012, 3 months ago. While Alberta Distillers whiskies usually use a grain mash which is 100% from rye, Alberta Premium Dark Horse is reported to be made from some 6 yo rye, some 12 yo rye, with 8% corn whisky blended in, and 0.5 to 1.0% straight sherry added. This review will be in sequential format

Nose: first there is a balance of strong re-used wood flavours and strong wine flavours...then the rye grain flavours become more apparent. Very enjoyable. Score 22-all whiskies; 23 Canadian Category

Taste: the sweet sherry shows itself first, then the rye and wood come on. The sherry is much stronger in the mouth than in the nose. The wood flavours almost have a burnt smoky taste. There is lots of flavour here. Score 22- all whiskies; 22 Canadian

Finish: the strong flavours persist, closing on a deep burnt smoky note. Score 21-all whiskies; 22 Canadian

Balance: when I heard that some straight sherry was added to this whisky I was appalled and put off. The small amount of sherry added has its effects, but this is not a sherry atrocity, like, say, Tangle Ridge, also from this distillery. By contrast to standard Alberta Premium, Dark Horse is intense and murky. Both are very pleasant if you can get past the idea of additives in whisky, and the often intense sweetness of the Canadian style. Alberta Premium Dark Horse is a lot of fun. Score 21-all whiskies; 22 Canadian

Total scores: 86- all whiskies; 89 Canadian Category

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