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Amrut Fusion

Good + Nice = Better

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@KutterReview by @Kutter

30th Mar 2011


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Amrut Fusion, the whisky that everybody talked about last year and the year before. An Indian malt, which is the result of the fusion of Scottish and Indian barley. I finally was able to get a hand on this malt as the Ontario liquor store just put it on their shelves at a fairly good price.

Nose: Very special and very pleasant, it is peated, yes, but not what I am used to smell. There is barley, but barley that has been cooked in sugar, almost like a cake. Notes of fruits also.

Mouth: very good, It doesn't feel as high ABV although it is bottled at 100 proof. The peat is more timid on the mouth that it was on the nose. The sugary barley is still there with citrus notes and some smoky flavors.

Final: long and ending with a bitterness aftertaste that reminds you that you are drinking something unique. It is unique and very very good. This dram forces you to leave the comfort of the more standard malt reviews. The fusion of good and nice has created something better!!

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HP12 commented

@Kutter; I enjoyed your review and take on this intriguing whisky. I have it on my wish list and look forward to tasting it myself soon.

9 years ago 0

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