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Amrut Fusion

Forgotten notes for a malty dram

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nReview by @numen

1st Jun 2013


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I was searching for some of my notes for a Glen Grant and discovered that, in fact, not only had I never typed them up, I never typed up any notes from a tasting session back in October. Memory fades, but tasting notes are... slightly less ephemeral.

Nose: Lots of malt and cereal at first blush. Very fruity and heavy on the tropical. Pineapple and lemon zest for that touch of bitterness. This reminds me of a classic Clynelish profile, only less smoky and waxy. There's something of corn-stalks and buttered biscuits. It's interesting, to say the least.

Palate: Silky and supple texture. Honey, beeswax, light dates for the slightly darker note, and more lemon. And pineapple. It takes a malty and peppery turn on the tongue at the end.

Finish: There's a slight smokiness, but it's extremely mellow. The same fruits, though new flavors emerge: cardamom, oak (or oaky cardboard), all-spice, and thinned honey. Light and pleasantly inoffensive. It doesn't quite go on or have a full finish, but it's nice.

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Rigmorole commented

This one was given a B+ by the LA Whisky Society. Four reviewers. sounds like the finished lowered the rating for you. Thanks for the review, Numen!

6 years ago 0

numen commented

Sure thing! It's always just fun to taste lots of different things. It got a split score from LAWS - 2 Bs and 2 B+s, but I guess that it aggregated to a B+. I haven't had much from Amrut, but I've enjoyed what I have tried.

6 years ago 0

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