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Ardbeg Ardbog

Sweet and salty nuts bar and peat

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27th May 2013


Ardbeg Ardbog
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Nose: Sweet toffee layered upon peat , ash and salted toffee. A bit herbal too. Ash. Sweet peat and earthy notes in addition to smoked ham and salted cashew nuts. Sweet savoury yet medicinal and earthy. Brilliant.

Palate : quite oily and big. Stars with salted nuts and almonds , toffee. Big peat notes with a hot cinnamon edge. A hint of apples and tons if ash, with a touch of sea brine.

Finish : long semi sweet semi bitter finish. Dark chocolate. Ash. Coffee.

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Rigmorole commented

How does this one compare to Beist?

11 years ago 0

galg commented

It's much more powerful

11 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Victor's comments are interesting in the Ardbog discussion. I'd better pick up a Galileo before it disappears in a year or so. I must say, it's too bad that Ardbeg can't duplicate the brilliance of Beist. It really was a fantastic scotch. I've noticed other reviews of Ardbog mention words like soot and ash. You mentioned "ash" in the nose, palette and finish. Three times. Thanks for the review and reply, Galg.

11 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

@galg my bottle says 52,1%, but your review says 52,7%. Different dram or typo?

11 years ago 0