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Ardbeg Auriverdes

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BReview by @Barnbip

11th Jan 2015


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To start with I'm a big fan of Uigedail and the ten year old Ardbeg. Unfortunately, this one is not good! It totally lacks balance and it is mostly sour and bitter in taste. Despite being an Ardbeg fan I ended up giving this bottle to a friend. Hope he likes it better....

NOSE: the best part of the whisky. There is ofcourse a good dose of peat and smoke, some distans fruitiness and a tone of Sugar. TASTE: sharp, smoky, bitter and some bad influence from wood (tannins) makes it unfriendly FINISH: the sour and bitter tones are too present. Not a good finish either unfortunately.

This whisky was a disappointment. Considering the price I paid for it I feel ripped off and I will most likely not buy any other Ardbeg except Uigedail and the ten year old for quite a while - at least not without reading some very good reviews before.

There are some major problems with this whisky. The sourness and the tannins is definately not good. The worst problem though is the lack of balance.

All together I give this whisky a 61, which means I consider it being a crappy whisky. I cannot in any sense recommend it and it is the frist time I have given away an open bottle of whisky. Ardbeg should compensate me for this crap...

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