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Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Corryctional Concoction

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@vanPeltReview by @vanPelt

26th Apr 2013


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Nose: After first pour, you notice smoky salt: The smoke is of the ashy variety, and the saltiness is sharp-- as if flavored with lemon crystals or another nose-stinging additive like pine or menthol. A little breathing brings out a more sweet/umami character, giving the impression of fatty salt pork or maple bacon frying. The mentioned sharpness is lighter, as if fennel seeds have been tossed in the pan.

Palate: A sequence from sweet honey, to rounded ashy smoke..., and then to the sharpness of salt and oil. Peppery earth comes in for a period...., and then this passes to nutty coffee as it enters the finish.

Finish: The nutty base sustains and is joined by tangy citrus, for the expected long finish. If you're looking for it, continuing to swallow can get you the impression of charred sea scallops doused in lemon & pepper.

Compared with other top-rated Ardbegs, the Corryvreckan is the more serious expression. From the Uigeadail to the Alligator to the Corryvreckan, there is progressively less sweetness, more acidity, and more saltiness. So in relation, I find this unbalanced and even a little jarring. Nevertheless, I understand the appeal to scotch drinkers preferring a harsher concoction: something that's quite pleasurable to drink while still reminding you you're alive (and perhaps boosting machismo points).

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vanPelt commented

1/2 Year later: The Corryvreckan is much the same but has improved with some sweetness on the palate. Overall there is now more of a maple-vanilla sweet thickness, still salty and with decent smoke. For the added balance of the sweet notes, it deserves a couple more points: 85.

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