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Ardbeg Corryvreckan

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16th May 2014


Ardbeg Corryvreckan
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While I’m admittedly reluctant to become an Ardbeg fanboy, there’s no getting around the fact that their whisky is consistent, their adherence to quality is respectable, and their house style is something to behold. And if you are an Ardbeg fan, you need the Corryvrecken. They’ve done away with the lower abv of the 10 and the sherry of the Uigedail here, and we’re left with a big, intense beast of a whisky that personifies the house style, in my opinion. As Serge recently mentioned on whiskyfun; this is one of the Ardbeggiest Ardbegs out there.

Nose: Intense peat that is unmistakably Ardbeg. Maple, honey, citrus, oak, bacon, petrol, earth, metal, minerals, pine, and a potent brine. The flavours are crisp, clean, and industrial.

Palate: Quite rich and mouth-coating. I’m liking this mouthfeel. A powerful rush of classic Ardbeg flavours follows. Peat, petrol and smoke come on strong. The intensity of the peat is initially overpowering, but on closer inspection we start to notice some beautifully integrated citrus and honey. Lemons, oysters, seaweed, limestone, and smoked bacon.

Finish: Long and big. The flavours keep coming for ages. I’m enjoying the barley here. Aside from the ever-present peat, there’s a subtle farmy quality here with hay, barley, and wheat. There’s also a rich meatiness. Sorry; porkiness. Glazed ham and smoked bacon, to be specific. Ironically, what started off heavy and industrial soon trails off into something quite refreshing and natural. The tail end of the finish offers us flavours akin to mineral-rich spring water. Interesting.

This was a fun one to review. Not only because I just invented the word “porkiness,” but I also got to really explore this stuff; something I hadn’t done in ages. I have to admit; I thought I had this one pegged a long time ago. But having just explored it again, I’m inclined to toss an extra point or two its way. The Corryvrecken offers up loads of flavour and intensity with classic Ardbeg flavours. It translates beautifully from nose to palate to finish. But there’s still a fair bit of evolution going on; particularly during finish. While I don’t appreciate the price tag on this one, I can’t deny that it’s good. If your into Ardbeg, this them at their most honest. Very recommended.

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Taco commented

Corryvrecken is definitely my favorite Ardbeg. They keep the quality consistently high batch to batch. It also shows the spirit really doesn't need any finishing with sherry or other casks. This is as wonderful neat as with a dash of water. I always have an open bottle around.

10 years ago 0

Pierre_W commented

Nice review, hunggar. Corryvreckan is my favourite Ardbeg out of the current core range. I find it to be very earthy and briny but underpinned by lots of sea and lemon flavours at the same time. Excellent stuff!

10 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

I thought the Corry was finished on new french oak

10 years ago 0

Nock commented

@hunggar thanks for the review. I love reading other reviews of various Ardbegs. My questions - what batch is the bottle you are tasting from? It helps me to try and match up my own experiences.

@PeatyZealot - Ardbeg officially claims to not "finish" their whisky (obvious exception being Ardbeg Day). They only fully mature their spirit in different casks. Therefore, the Corry is a mixture of typically Ardbeg matured in ex-Jack Daniels casks, and Ardbeg matured in french oak casks.

10 years ago 0

hunggar commented

Hah. I should have known that question was coming. Here it is, buddy. L12 220 133

10 years ago 0